Repair Word 2010 File

Simple Tool to Fix Word 2010 Document

It is quite painful to know about the fact that one of your important Word documents that you have made by spending a lot of time has been corrupted. However, when you realize this, it’s quite late. In such instances, an updated backup will help you to get over such kind of data loss trauma. However, what if you don’t have a backup of your essential Word file? Will you bear the loss of your important Word file? In such kind of circumstances, do not lose your sleep. As, there are abundant tools available over the internet to fix corrupt Word document. Word 2010 Repair Tool is one such strong tool, which repairs corrupt Word files of any size at your fingertips.

Nowadays most of the computer users use MS Word 2010 file to store lots of information. The main purpose of using the Word file on the computer is to avoid the complexities of maintaining the information on the papers. However, there are times when the document may get corrupt. Then you might be trying to fix it with the use of the inbuilt repair tool, which is provided with Microsoft Word. But, it is useful only in the case of Word file corruption is not severe. The inbuilt tool fails to repair the Word file that is severely corrupted. In such situation, an efficient repair tool will help you to overcome the data loss. The Word File Fix Tool is the strongest software when it comes to repair the severely corrupt documents.

The most common factor, which leads to corruption of docx files, is round tripping. Most of the users do convert their docx file to doc file to open in previous versions of MS Office Word. However, sometimes while converting docx file, if the conversion process terminates abruptly due to user mistake then it might lead to corruption to your important document. Then, your Word file become unreadable. But, no worry this Word File Repair Tool is very efficient to make those files accessible. For more help, you can use this link: In addition to round tripping, there are numerous factors like file system corruption, unexpected system shutdown, abrupt termination of Microsoft Word application, macro viruses, hardware failure, etc might also lead to docx file corruption. Even if you perform this round tripping from older version to newer version like Office 2007 to 2010, then also the DOCX file may be corrupted. But don't worry, you can carry out DOCX repair process on Office 2007 in simple steps.

To avoid corruption to your important Word 2010 docx file in any of the above described scenarios, it's always better to have the backup of all your important documents. Use an updated firewall and antivirus program to protect your computer from external threads. Furthermore, avoid round tripping of the Word file.

Even after taking the preventive measures, if the MS Office Word document gets corrupt, no need to bother. As the Word File Repair Tool can fix Word doc file in few simple mouse clicks. This tool will fix all types of DOC and DOCX files, which refuses to open. After completion of the file repair process, this tool facilitates you to preview the data that is recovered from corrupt document. Moreover, you can also use this tool to repair MS Word 2003 file and repair documents from all major versions of Microsoft Word application. Even, if you need to repair any encrypted or password protected document after corruption, then also, you can use this application. To get more help, you can follow this link:

Note: With the help of this award winning software, its possible to repair unknown Word file format error message and extract its contents like text, clip art, OLE objects, etc to form a healthy Word document file. To know more information, simply tap here

Simple steps to fix the Word 2010 docx file

Step 1: Download and install Word File Repair tool on your PC. Then open its home screen as shown in figure A.

Word 2010 Repair Tool - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose the Word file and click on the repair option to initiate the repair process as shown in figure B.

Word 2010 Repair Tool - Choose Word File

Figure B: Choose Word File

Step 3: You can preview the repaired Word 2010 document by clicking on the option as shown in figure C.

Word 2010 Repair Tool - Preview Word File

Figure C: Preview Word File