Broken Word File Repair Tool

  • A spectacular tool that fixes broken MS Word files in quick steps
  • The powerful algorithm scans the broken file and creates a healthy file
  • Assures no modifications or damages to the Word file upon repair
  • Also avails a preview feature
  • Supported on available versions of Microsoft Office Word application

MS Word is most widely used document processing application which comes along with the MS Office Suite. It has got several features which have made a large set of users to go with it. The MS Word application saves the created files in either of .doc or .docx format which is considered safe. However, at times, the MS Word files get broken or corrupt due to a wide number of factors. It would be troublesome for the users who face these sort of issues with any of the important files (whose backup is unavailable). Well, there are certain ways to deal with Word documents.

Broken Word documents

There are many causes that are responsible for broken Word documents. Upon encountering corruption with the Word documents, as you try to open the broken document, the file would not open instead you will get an error. You may not be able to access the broken Word documents even after multiple attempts. Some most frequently occurring instances that makes Word file corrupt include human errors, virus infections, power outages, defects in the file system of the hard drive, broken file header and change in the Word file extension.

Round Tripping

The another frequently occurring reason that leads to broken Word document is round-tripping. Sometimes, the user tries to change the file extension of Word file from .docx to .doc, so that it can be opened in the previous version of MS Word application. While this conversion is taking place and due to some mistake from the user, it gets terminated in the middle of the process, which leads to corruption of the MS Word file. When user tries to access the damaged or broken file then error message is displayed saying that "The Office Open XML File abcde.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the content." or "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened."

Virus and malware threats

Virus and malware attack is also responsible for broken Word files. Suppose the user has downloaded a Word document file from an email using the internet, sent by a recipient. When this file is being opened after download then sometimes it refuses to open and an error message is communicated to the user. This is because the file has been infected by the virus during the downloading or within the network itself, which leads to inaccessibility of Word document.

An ultimate way to fix the broken Word files

The Word File Repair Tool is an efficient application to fix the broken files in a fraction of time. It scans and repairs the data from damaged files which deny opening. It is capable to instantly resolve errors, corruptions, damages and related issues with the Word files. The software supports fixture of both .docx and .doc files, with recovering all attributes of an MS Word file including formatting, text, OLE objects and hyperlinks from the broken file. The Word File Repair program is flexible enough to run on all versions of Windows operating system (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Server editions).

The Word File Repair also features an user friendly interface gives a special popularity to it and makes it users first choice. It is also a highly integrated tool that can repair even encrypted document follow this link:

How to Repair Broken Word File?

Step 1: Run the Word File Repair Tool on your computer. The home screen appears as shown in figure I.

Broken Word File Repair - Main Screen

Figure I: Main Screen

Step 2: Browse and select the location of the broken Word file and click on the "Repair" option to start the repairing process as shown in figure II.

Broken Word File Repair - Select Broken File

Figure II: Select Broken File

Step 3: Preview the repaired broken file by clicking on the "Preview File" option as shown in figure III.

Broken Word File Repair - Repaired File Preview

Figure III: Repaired File Preview