How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Files?

  • A simplified way to repair corrupt MS Word 2010 files
  • The eminent algorithms scan the document and generate a healthy file
  • Assures no modifications or alterations to the source documents
  • Compatible with all other versions of Microsoft Word
  • Repairs and restores corrupt, broken or inaccessible Word documents

MS Word 2010 is an amazing Word processor which helps you to create easily readable and printable documents. But, most of the people working on their MS Word 2010 documents often come across various problems or error messages that lead to generating difficulties in accessing the Word files. Since, these critical situations generally arise while accessing or opening the Word 2010 files, downloading or uploading them from the internet or transforming them to another file formats. These conditions indicate that the Word 2010 files have been severely corrupted due to logical reasons.

Possible Causes behind the Microsoft Word 2010 Files Corruption:

  • Influence of macro viruses
  • Abrupt termination of the Word 2010 application
  • Bad Sector formation on the storage disk
  • Interrupted file transfers
  • Word application crash and improper upgrades

One can easily overcome from the corruption issues if the backup of the corrupt Word 2010 document is available. If not you can go with fixing the Word file using the inbuilt repair utility. However, the built-in Open and Repair utility might fail to fix the corrupt Word 2010 files when the documents are severely damaged. But don't you worry if you are unable to repair issues with any of the troubleshooting techniques. There is a secure program called the Word File Repair Tool that can fix and restore severely corrupt Word 2010 files.

Fix corrupt files easily with Word File Repair software

The Word 2010 file repair software is the integration of brilliant techniques to accomplish corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 files repair and recovers text, OLE objects, formatting and fields including hyperlinks. This utility can also fix the MS Word file associations (tap here with ease. Any broken, damaged or corrupt Word documents can be easily extracted using this easy-to-use application. In addition to this, the program is compatible to work with any edition of MS Office Word.

Further, once the repair process is over, you can preview the lost data that can be recovered from the corrupt Word 2010 file. The Word File Repair program is also capable to repair the encrypted MS Word 2010 files without any complications. Users can run this repair application on any version of Windows OS and bring back corrupt or unreadable Word files into a readable format.

How to Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Files?

Step 1: Download and install the Word File Repair application on your computer and open it. Then, you have to "Browse" the corrupt Word 2010 document and click on the "Repair" button as shown on the main screen.

How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: When the repair process is completed, you can preview the repaired Word 2010 document by clicking on "Preview File" option.

How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Files - Preview Repaired File

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Proceed to save the repaired file in a secure location.

How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Files - Save Repaired Word 2010 File

Fig 3: Save Repaired Word 2010 File