Repair Word Document Template

  • An excellent way to fix the Word document template that is corrupt or damaged
  • Resolves any sort of corruptions and errors associated with the MS Word files
  • The powerful repair algorithms scan and creates a healthy version of the file
  • Assures no changes to the file structure or their attributes
  • Applies repair to documents on any version of MS Word program

Microsoft Word document templates are the preformed Word files. The most excellent property of this MS Word application is, it comes up with the pre-installed templates. Suppose, if you have a format of documents that you use at regular intervals of time, for instance, a format having your address at the upper left corner and signature at the bottom. Now, one can customize a template in a format by adding the address and signature in order to import them every time needed. This will prevent you from repeatedly writing and saves time.

Corrupted Word document templates

At certain times due to severe virus attacks, the corresponding Word document template gets corrupted. With that, it will be unable to open, access or use your template on MS Word document. In addition to that, it becomes impossible to determine the exact cause of a problem that lead damages to the Word file templates. Anyway, some general causes for inaccessible Word document templates are listed down here-

  • A Sudden Interruption during Data Transfer Process: Any interruptions that occur when the file transfer process is active can leads conflicts to the documents. An abrupt system shut down, power surge or accidental ejection of storage drive can make the file templates to turn corrupt

  • Virus Attacks: There are high chances of Word or document templates to get damages when subjected to the virus and other malicious threats.

  • Round Tripping: Also if you frequently keep changing Word document template file extension at regular intervals of time can severely damage them, which can make it completely inaccessible.

  • Header Corruption: Damages occurred to the header file also result in corruption scenarios making the Word files unreadables.

An ultimate solution to fix the Word document templates

It would serve beneficial if you have maintained a proper backup of essential Word document template. Well, whatsoever might be the cause behind the Word document template corruption, here is a simple way to resolve this very issue. The Word File Repair software will provide a complete solution to fix Word document template without any efforts. This program is also capable to repair the corrupt or damaged Word document template along with all their attributes that may include hyperlinks, text, images, OLE objects, header and footer and many others. Moreover, the original corrupt Word document template remains intact i.e., it reads the corrupted file and creates new Microsoft Word file to ensure the safety of the original document. Further, one can learn more to repair MS Word file associations by clicking here

Some notable features of the Word Repair tool

  1. Provides a preview of the repair file
  2. Compatible to run with Windows OS 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (including Windows Server editions)
  3. Also avails a trial version of the tool
  4. Capable to fix Word documents from external storage drives (external HDD or USB flash drive)

Simple Steps to Repair Word Document Template:

Step 1: Launch the Word File Repair tool on your computer. The welcome screen appears as shown in figure I.

Repair Word Document Template - Welcome Screen

Figure I: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Specify the location of the corrupt Word document template and then click on the Repair button to start the repair process as shown in figure II.

Repair Word Document Template - Select Corrupt Word Document Template

Figure II: Select Corrupt Word Document Template

Step 3: You can preview the repaired Word document by clicking on the option as shown in figure III.

Repair Word Document Template - Preview Repaired Word File

Figure III: Preview Repaired Word File