How to Repair File Permission Error in Word 2007 File?

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Have you ever encountered a situation when trying to save a Word 2007 document file, unable to do so? Later, when tried to save it, got the error message "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error". Usually, most of us rename the file every time-saving Word 2007 document file. But, sometimes it is frustrating because whenever you are trying to save the changes getting the same error message. In such undesirable situations, is it possible to fix the file permission error occur in Word 2007 file? Obviously, yes it has been made possible using the Word Repair Tool. This software is capable enough to repair file permission error prevailed in Word 2007 file within a few mouse clicks.

Word 2007 is the most widely used popular application used in creating professional documents on Windows. Its unparalleled popularity makes it the most widely used document processing application all across the world. However, Word 2007 document file encounters file permission errors while creating or editing their Word document file. Most commonly, the file permission errors usually arise due to Word 2007 file corruption or damage. Since, there can be various reasons behind Word 2007 document file corruption such as macro virus infection, template corruption, bad sectors, application malfunction or hardware failure, storage media corruption and many others. In such unfortunate situations, one can simply rely on the Word Repair Tool. With the help of this award-winning software, it’s possible to fix file permission error experienced while trying to save Word 2007 document file. In addition, one can make use of this software to fix encrypted Word document file in an easy and effective way.

What are the Causes behind the File Permission Errors in Word 2007 File?

  • One of the main reasons behind the file permission errors while trying to save Word 2007 document file can be due to a severe virus or malware infection.  As a result of this, Word 2007 file get corrupt or damaged and result in the file permission errors.
  • Another reason behind the file permission error in Word 2007 file can be due to a sudden computer reboot. As a result of this, corresponding Word 2007 document file get corrupt and give rise to the file permission errors.
  • Most of the times, due to an improper or an abrupt termination of Word 2007 document while creating, accessing or saving them on your system. This can lead to file permission errors in Word 2007 document files
  • Whenever you make use of the unreliable or untrusted third-party tool can be the reason behind the file permission errors on Word 2007 file.
  • The various other reasons behind the Word 2007 file permission errors are bad sectors, frequent or abrupt power surge; the hard drive crash or failure and many more.

The simplest way to fix file permission error with MS Word 2007 document

To get rid of the above-discussed causes behind the Word 2007 file permission errors, one should never save Word 2007 document file as read-only format and use a genuine antivirus program on the desktop to avoid conflicts. Always maintain a proper backup copy of Word 2007 document file before encountering file the permission errors. Unfortunately, if you are unable to follow these precautionary measures and cannot fix file permission errors in Word 2007 file, then one should prefer using the Word Repair Tool. It has the ability to scan and extracts the text from the damaged or corrupt Word 2007 file (.doc and .docx) that may refuse to open or cannot open. This software is capable of repairing the corrupt or damaged Word 2007 document file of MS Office Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions. In addition, you can utilize this utility to fix Word error bookmark not defined, repair Word files that are not responding, fix broken Word files, repair corrupted Word file header, and other errors easily in a few simple clicks.

Note: There is an alternate solution to fix the file permission error with Word files is to enable/modify the user permission for the document. One can check for the user privileges under the properties section. However, this troubleshooting may not work in the case of severe corruptions or damages to the Word files.

The Word File Repair software can repair file permission errors in Word 2007 file and restore text, formatting, OLE objects, and field including hyperlinks. Once the Word 2007 file is repaired using this powerful software, the extracted text can be saved in a new healthy blank Word file. Further, the recovered Word 2007 file contents can be saved to any destination location accessible to the host operating system. It can repair corrupt Word document file saved on the hard drives, USB flash drive, etc. This is compatible to fix file permission errors in Word 2007 document file on the latest versions of Microsoft Windows 10, 8, Vista, XP, 7, 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Precautionary Measures:

  • One should save Microsoft Word 2007 document file by turning off the offline file feature
  • Always renaming the Word 2007 file and choosing "Save As" option can commonly solve the problem
  • One can uninstall the last update or application to resolve Word 2007 file permission error
  • In addition, you can run diagnostics tool for Microsoft Office 2007 file to resolve file permission error problem occurs on Word 2007 file

Simple Steps to Repair the File Permission Error in Word 2007 File:

Step 1: Install the Word File Repair Tool on your computer and launch it to open its main screen wizard as shown in figure a.

How to Fix File Permission Error in Word 2007 File - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the Word 2007 file from the storage location and make a click on the Repair option to start the file repair operation as shown in figure b.

How to Fix File Permission Error in Word 2007 File - Select Word File

Figure b: Select Word 2007 File

Step 3: After the file is repaired, you can save Word file to any of your desired locations as shown in figure c.

How to Fix File Permission Error in Word 2007 File - Save Repaired File

Figure c: Save Repaired File