Quick Fix the Word Document after Unknown File Format Error

  • The finest solution to resolve with the unknown file format error that encounters with MS Word documents
  • Efficiently deals with corruptions, damages and inaccessibility with the Word files
  • Brings back a healthy file upon a quick scan operation
  • Repairs and restore files with their original attributes- images, hyperlinks, tables, charts, graphs, text formatting etc.
  • Supports all editions of MS Word application
  • Avails a simple yet instant technique to fix Word files
You might be wondered to see when your Word files turn to an unknown file format. The documents that used to work properly might start to show some unusual behaviors. Any attempts made to open or access the MS Word document would not be successful. However, you might try a multiple times to access the file by clicking over the file, but you receive an error message that states- "Unknown File Format" You might encounter all such issues and it might sound quite tricky to resolve the issue.

It would be an added advantage if you have a backup of the files whilst you find errors with some crucial Word documents. However, many of the users fail to have a backup of the files that show unknown file format errors. Well, there are certain known or unknown factors that make the Word files to be corrupt or erroneous. Some of the general causes are listed below for reference-

  1. Incorrect MS Word file conversion technique
  2. Virus, malware and other malicious threats
  3. Word file header corruptions
  4. Impact of any unreliable third-party apps on the system
  5. Inconsistencies with the MS Word application
  6. Bad sector formations, system crashes etc.
  7. Abrupt termination of Word program
  8. Interrupted file transfer operations

There could other reasons as well that causes errors or inaccessibility with the MS Word files. At that point, you can rather try to fix the issues by using the Word's inbuilt functionality- "Open and Repair". This tool scans the document and attempts to fix the encountered errors. However, in the case of severe damages or corruptions to the Word document. With that, it might seem tedious to fix the unknown file format error with your document. But you don't have to worry anymore. Luckily there is a tool called the Word FIle Repair that can help you to repair and restore the Word document that shows Unknown File Format error.

Fixing Word Showing Unknown File Format Error is now easy

The Word File Repair Tool is a well-developed software that helps in resolving the Unkown File Format issues with any version of the MS Word document. The program features a rich set of algorithms that scans the input file and creates a new healthy working Word file by extracting the contents from the corrupt It repairs the Word file by keeping the original Word document file unaltered. The software can repair corrupt Word document file having any of .doc or .docx file extension. It has been built with a strong capability to fix the Word file along with the font, header, footer, tables, chart, clip arts, hyperlinks and even embedded OLE objects.

Other features of the Word File Repair Tool

  • Facilitates a “Preview” option, so that one can preview your repaired Word document file before restoration to the actual storage location
  • It is a read-only and non-destructive software that has the potential to fix password protected or encrypted Word document file at your fingertips
  • Recommended by the industry experts as the best tool to repair Word error Bookmark not defined
  • Highly-effective to fix broken Word file, fix errors while opening Word file, repair Word files that are not responding, and to repair all types of errors associated with Word files
  • It is an Unknown File Format Error Fixer software can easily fix Word document after unknown file format error occurs on latest versions of MS Word 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, etc.

Simple Steps to Fix the Word Document after Unknown File Format Error

Step 1: Install the Word File Repair Tool on your computer and run the program as shown in figure a.

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Specify the location of the document showing Unknown Word File Format. Continue to click on the Repair option to initiate the file repair process as shown in figure b.

Figure b: Select Word File

Step 3: Once the file is repaired, you can save Word file to any of your desired locations as shown in figure c.

Figure c: Save Repaired File