Quick Fixing of Word Document after Unknown File Format Error

Microsoft Word is most popular application used to prepare office documentation, project reports, seminar reports and many others. MS Word is most widely used document processing application preferred all across the globe. However, sometimes while editing or accessing Word document file if any sort of interruption like sudden system shutdown or abrupt power surge can severely corrupt the file. Later, when trying to open Word document it’s refusing to open and throws “Unknown File Format” error message. Since, the Word document file has huge information and needs lot of effort and time to create Word document as well as cannot be rewritten. Now, the question is how to repair Word document after unknown file format error?

In that case, here is an comprehensive solution Word File Repair tool, which is capable enough to fix Word document after unknown file format error and creates a new healthy working Word file by extracting the contents from the corrupt Word file and keep the original Word document file unaltered. The software can repair corrupt Word document file having .doc or .docx file extension. It has advanced scanning algorithms to perform deep scanning of corrupt Word document to repair and restore not just text, even other document formatting includes the font, header, footer, tables, chart, clip arts, hyperlinks and even embedded OLE objects.

Reasons behind Word Document after Unknown File Format Error:

  • Severe Virus Attacks: There might be the instances when micro viruses gain access to the system causing severe damage to corresponding original Word document file. This can give rise to unwanted file format error messages making entire Word document inaccessible. However, one can simply click here http://www.wordfilerepairtool.net/repair-broken-word-document.html to fix Word document file broken due to severe virus attacks, abrupt termination of Word document application, etc.
  • Sudden Termination of Word Document: At times, while working on Word document file, it get terminated abruptly because of sudden system shutdown or any other reason. This can severely corrupt Word document file and result in unknown file format error. To get over such undesirable problems, simply make use of this software to fix Word document after unknown file format error with ease.
  • Other Reasons: The various other reasons behind Word document unknown file format errors are software malfunction, Word document header file corruption, file system error, hard ware failure, system reboot and many others. However, one can simply tap here http://www.wordfilerepairtool.net/document-header.html to fix Word document header with ease.

In order to overcome the above-mentioned causes behind Word document after unknown file format errors, one should regularly backup Word document to other storage device. Always, make use of genuine antivirus software to avoid virus invasion on Word document file. However, unfortunately due to some human errors or any other reason unable to follow up these precautionary measures. Then, calm down! Here is an extra ordinary solution Word File Repair tool to fix Word document after unknown file format error within short span of time. Although, even if you are unaware of the location of corrupt Word document file, this software helps you search for the desired file in your system. Additionally, one can make use of this ready to use toolkit to repair unreadable Word document file with utmost ease.

Moreover, this software offers high degree of scalability by allowing you to overcome almost all the Word document file corruption error. It facilitates you with the “Preview” option, so that you can preview your repaired Word document file before restoration to actual storage location. This is a read only and non-destructive software that has potential to fix password protected or encrypted Word document file at your fingertips. Many industry experts has reviewed and recommended it as the best tool to repair Word error Bookmark not defined, fix broken Word file, fix errors while opening Word file, repair Word files that are not responding, and to repair all types of errors in Word files effectively. Word Document After Unknown File Format Error Fixer software can easily fix Word document after unknown file format error occur on latest versions of MS Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, etc. One can make use of this tool to repair Word document after unknown file format error found on updated versions of Windows OS 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, etc. One can simply click here http://www.wordfilerepairtool.net/associations.html to repair Microsoft Word file association with ease.

Note: One can simply employ this award winning software to fix file permission error in Word 2007 file and extract text, formatting, OLE objects, and field including hyperlinks.

Simple steps to Fix Word Document after Unknown File Format Error:

Step 1: Install Word File Repair Tool on your computer and launch it to open its main screen wizard as shown in figure a.

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the Unknown Word file format location and make a click on the Repair option to start the Word document file repair operation as shown in figure b.

Figure b: Select Word File

Step 3: After file is repaired, you can save Word file to any of your desired location as shown in figure c.

Figure c: Save Repaired File