Fix Word File Error File Format Is Not Valid

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"I had a large size Word document on my PC created with Microsoft Office Word 2010. Recently, I persisted to add some more content to that Word file. But, due to a power loss, the system as shutdown abruptly and interrupted my editing work. Later on, when I restarted the system to proceed with the work on the Word document, I encountered an error stating that “Word file error file format is not valid”. I was no longer able to access the Word document. When I enquired about this issues I came to know that first I need to fix Word file error file format is not valid to access the file. If anybody knows any solution to fix Word file error file format is not valid, then kindly help me, please. Thanks!!!”

How to Fix File Format Is Not Valid Error on Word File?

Despite all the amazing features that MS Word application delivers, it is prone to corruptions that leads to errors or inaccessibility to the Word document. The Word file error file format is not valid error message is one of the commonly occurred errors with Word program. Upon encountering such issues with the Word files, you won't be able to open the Word file at any attempts.

This error raveled because of unsafe virus assault on the Windows system. This harmful threat may enter into your system through unknown source applications or browsing the internet in an unsafe zone. These dangerous viruses will modify the Word document file name with some scribbled letters or corrupt the Word file and show errors like “Fix Word file error file format is not valid”. In certain some circumstances, the abrupt termination of Word file while saving it might likewise cause this issue.

Essential steps to fix ‘Word file error file format is not valid’ error:

Note: Prior to trying any of the measures given below, it is recommended to make the duplicate of that inaccessible Word document. Later take a try at employing inbuilt repair option that can resolve the issues with the unreadable Word file. To fix Word document just follow the below procedure:

Method 1: Inbuilt Word documents repair alternative on Microsoft Office

Open Microsoft Office Word application -> Click on File button -> Later click on the Open option -> Now, pick the Word file that needs to be repaired -> Then, click on the drop down imprint adjacent to Open choice -> Select "Open and Repair" option. Your corrupted Word document will be repaired. If this doesn’t work, then straightway head up to the second method.

Method 2: Third party Word File Repair tool:

Another fine way “Word file error file format is not valid” is by utilizing the Word File Repair Tool.This utility provides a complete solution for all sort of errors or corruptions occurring with Word documents. It facilitates simple steps to recover damaged Word file that cannot be repaired by MS Office inbuilt tool. The software lets you repair Word DOC and DOCX file extensions created on Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 in a flexible manner.

How to Fix Word File Error File Format Is Not Valid?

Step 1: Launch the Word Repair Tool on your system. The home screen appears as shown in figure I.

Fix Word File Error File Format Is Not Valid - Main Screen

Figure I: Main Screen

Step 2: Browse to select the location of the Word file that shows not a valid file format error. Continue to click on "Repair" option to start the fixing process as shown in figure II.

Fix Word File Error File Format Is Not Valid - Select Broken File

Figure II: Select Broken File

Step 3: You can then preview the repaired Word file by clicking on the "Preview File" option as shown in figure III.

Fix Word File Error File Format Is Not Valid - Repaired File Preview

Figure III: Repaired File Preview