How to Repair Corrupt 2013 Word Document?

  • The remarkable repair utility designed for MS Word 2013
  • Smartly deals with corrupt, damaged, broken or erroneous Word files
  • Features a Preview option to view the file prior to complete repair
  • Fixes both .doc and .docx files
  • Supports all other editions of MS Word program

The scenarios of Word file corruption are much common. Any damages occurred to the MS Word document will make the file inaccessible. You might see errors as you attempt to open a corrupt file. However, even if you are able to open the document you might see some unreadable characters. All these are clear signs of Word file corruption. If you know, there are wide factors that lead damages to the Word files.

Scenarios leading to the corruption of Word 2013 file:

  • Unauthorized Third-Party Tool: Sometimes Word 2013 file got damaged due to the usage of the unreliable software. If you recover deleted or lost Word file using unreliable recovery software then there is a chance of the corruption.

  • Improperly terminating the Word program: If the user comes across an unwanted situation such as power fluctuation which results in a sudden shut down of the system. This, in turn, might harm the Word documents.

  • Macro viruses: The virus attack on your system results in the corruption of files saved in the hard drives. The macro virus easily affects the MS Office files due to which user will be unable to access the Word files.

  • Improper upgrade: When you upgraded the MS Office version, the files of the earlier version may get corrupted and become inaccessible at the user end.

All the above-mentioned reasons and other error messages are encountered when your Word file gets corrupted. It rather sounds distressing if you encounter any sort of corruption with the crucial Word documents. You might not even have a backup of the file that is corrupt. One might try to resolve the issues with the MS Word document using the inbuilt repair utility. However, this might not work in the case of severe Word file corruption. But don't you worry, you got the finest solution here.

Repair corrupted MS Word files now at your fingertips with Word File Repair Tool

Word File Repair Tool can be used in a wide set of file corruption scenarios in a pitch-perfect way. This software can fix the severely corrupt Word 2013 in a secure manner. It can safely extract Word files retaining the elements of the original file. One can run this software on all the latest version of Windows operating system. Apart from MS Word 2013, this software is capable of repairing corrupt MS Word 2010, 2016, 2007, 2003 and 2000.

Other features: The software has the stunning and user-friendly interface, which allows even an inexperienced person to fix Word 2010 file. This tool is compatible with all major versions of Windows OS including Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. With the help of this application, you can repair Word 2013 file on various secondary storage devices including flash drives, external hard disks, SSD, memory sticks, memory cards, etc. Apart from DOC, it has the ability to repair the DOCX file. Besides all these, there exists a team of well-trained professionals for providing technical assistance related to the product.

Steps to Repair the Corrupted or Damaged Microsoft Word 2013 Files

Step 1: Download and install the Word File Repair application on your computer. You then have to "Browse" the corrupt Word 2010 document and click on the "Repair" button as shown on the main screen.

How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Word 2013Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: When the repair process will be completed, you can preview the repaired corrupt Word 2013 file by clicking the "Preview File" option.

Repair Word 2013 Document - Preview Repaired File

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Proceed to save the repaired corrupt Word 2013 file in the desired location.

Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word 2013

Fig 3: Save Repaired Word 2013 File