Repair Word Document Header

  • A tremendous software that neatly fixes the corruptions with the Word file headers
  • Helps in fixing broken file headers, corruptions or errors with the MS Word documents
  • Repairs any inaccessible files on any edition of Word (MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc.)
  • Assures no damages to the file structure or the contents of the original file upon repair
  • Supported by all versions of Windows operating system

Word File Header Repair Utility

"I had a substantial size Word document created on Microsoft Office Word 2010 on my PC. However, this Word file was damaged due to virus infection. When I searched about this issue, I came to know that the Word file header is damaged. Is there any way to repair Word document header? If yes, then kindly help me. Thanks in an advance!!!

It is true that damages to the Word file header will not allow you to open or access the file. However, this kind of instance might regularly occur with the MS Word file. The only way to overcome this solution is to repair the Word document header. You can easily repair Word document header issue with the help of the efficient Word File Repair Tool. Moreover, by making use of this repair utility you can even fix error in Word file. For more information, click on this:

The factors that affect the Word document header are:

  • Word Template Corruption: A template is a layout in the MS Word application. It contains the macros, writings, consoles alternate routes, designing styles and considerably more. Sometimes these Word templates might get damaged because of different causes and harms the record header.

  • Macro Viruses in Word: Macro infections can taint Word records, Word formats and an alternate program that uses a programming dialect. When you open an archive or template that has a macro infection, it will additionally contaminate your framework and infect Word file header. Moreover, you can use this simple user interface to repair MS Office 2010 cannot open doc file error message with utmost ease. To know more information, click here

  • Word Application Crash: Additional installation of add-on, programming and other utilities, and so forth. Some this leads to the crash of the entire Microsoft Word application. This kind of circumstance causes an extreme corruption of DOC/DOCX record in the MS Word by harming the document header structure.

  • Unexpected Word Termination: A sudden power surge, uncertain system shutdown or system crash when Word document is open or while working with Word record can damage the structure of the file header.
  • Other Errors: CRC mistakes, sharing Word file over a network, errors during transferring or downloading documents from the web, and so on can damage Word file header.

Repairing Word File Headers

An ideal approach to ensure you against Word file corruption is to keep a separate copy of your Word files. When you don't have a backup of your corrupted Word documents, this page provides for you the accurate result that you are searching for. MS Word files refuse to open after a header corruption and display error messages showing you about the file corruption. Without squandering time, you can download and install efficient Word File Repair Tool.

Word File Repair Tool is an excellent repair utility that has the capability to repair Word document header. Apart from this, it can also repair encrypted Word file from Windows computer. This repair utility is read-only utility that doesn’t modify your Word file during repair Word document header. This tool can even repair unreadable Word document, for more information refer to this site:  

Simple Steps to Repair Word Document Header:

Step 1: Download and install the Word File Repair Tool on your computer. The home screen appears as shown in figure I.

Repair Word Document Header - Welcome Screen

Figure I: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select the location of the corrupt Word file header and then click on the Repair button to start the repair process as shown in figure II.

Repair Word Document Header - Select Corrupt Word File

Figure II: Select Corrupt Word File

Step 3: You can preview the repaired Word document header by clicking on the option as shown in figure III.

Repair Word Document Header - Preview Repaired Word File

Figure III: Preview Repaired Word File