Fix Word DOC File

  • A smart tool to repair MS Word documents
  • Securely fixes and restores DOC/DOCX files in their source format
  • Get back corrupt or erroneous Word documents with a single hit on the Repair button
  • Restores Word files stored on system drives, external HD, SSD, USB drives etc.
  • Provides a preview prior to saving the repaired MS Word document

A Simple Tool to Fix MS Word .doc Files

Most of the users generally store their important Word documents on their computer. But do you really think storing Word files in the computer will really preserve them forever? These documents are also prone to corruption. Well, you might come across errors or inaccessibility with the Word files at random occasions. Moreover, there are a plenty of approaches available over the internet to repair a corrupt Word file. Among all, the Word Doc File Repair Tool is the most secure yet powerful application that is been certified by the industry experts.

Reasons for corruptions with the DOC files

The conflicts might arise whilst open the MS Word files due to an application crash or power failure. Damages to the video files could also occur when the computer shuts down abruptly while MS Word application is still open or not been terminated properly. In addition to the improper system shutdown, there are lots of other factors like hardware failure, OS crash, file system error, virus infection, power surge, software conflicts etc may also result in corruption of the Word file from the computer. Then you cannot access any information from that file.

However, in order to avoid loss of data, MS Office is incorporated with an inbuilt repair tool, which helps to fix the documents. However, not all the times, the repair utility be able to resolve severe sort of corruptions with the documents. In such a situation, you can straightaway go with the Word Doc File Repair Tool to get back Word files.

Note 1: You can avoid the Word DOC file corruption, it is always suggested taking regular backup of all your important documents. You can also use an updated antivirus software to protect doc files from external threats like viruses, malware, spyware. Furthermore, use an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to avoid the improper termination of Microsoft Office Word application.

Repairing Word files is now at your fingertips

.One can easily fix the corrupted MS Word files efficiently all by using the Word File Repair Tool. This tool incorporates an advanced repair mechanism, which ensures that the original source MS Word document remains intact. It reads the data from the source file and creates a new Word file with the same information.

Irrespective of the cause for the Word file corruption, this tool will repair corrupted MS Word file. It supports Word file repair on all versions of Windows operating systems. It also provides an option to preview the recovered data before storing the repaired document. Moreover, one can also repair corrupt Word document header by using this software. Futhermore, this utility supports all other MS Word versions (up to Word 2016).

Note 2: Click on and know how to fix different kinds of errors in the Word documents with this prominent tool.

How to fix Word DOC file?

Step 1: Download and install the Word File Repair tool on your system and then open its home screen wizard as shown in figure a.

Word Doc File Repair Tool - Home Screen

Figure a: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the Word file from the storage location and click on the Repair button to begin the file repair process as shown in figure b.

Word Doc File Repair Tool - Select Doc File

Figure b: Select Doc File

Step 3: In this wizard, you can save the repaired DOC file to any of your desired locations as shown in figure c.

Word Doc File Repair Tool - Save Repaired Doc File

Figure c: Save Repaired Doc File