Learn Easy Way to Fix Corrupted Word 2010 File on Windows

  • A well-defined tool to deal with corruption issues with MS Word 2010
  • Both DOC and DOCX documents can be fixes in no time
  • The software uses a strong scan algorithm to fix errors or corruptions with the Word file
  • Assures no sort of damages or alterations to the source Word document
  • Effectively repairs all available versions of MS Office

There are a wide number of instances reported regarding corruption with the Word 2010. Any damages occurred to the Word document make it unreadable or inaccessible at the user end. This kind of issues can encounter randomly and users even don't possess a backup of any such vital Word document that is corrupt. Although one can go with fixing the corrupted Word document using the Open and Repair utility (that is built into MS Word program), you might not be successful in the case of severe corruptions. Well, this is not the end of the story. Here is one amazing tool called the Word File Repair Tool that helps in easily repairing the corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 document on Windows operating systems.

Reasons behind the corrupted Word 2010 document::

  • Abrupt Shutdown of System: Sometimes, when your Word 2010 document is opened your system may shut down abruptly due to sudden power failure. Then there are pretty more chances of your Microsoft Word 2010 document to turn corrupted

  • Word File Header Corruption: Issues with the file header of the MS Word 20-10 document also causes the file to remain inaccessible.

  • Bad Sectors: The formation of the bad sectors on the storage where the Word files are stored can also lead to damages.

  • Improper Upgrades: It could also be a cause to the corruption issues with the Word file when the MS Office programs are improperly upgraded

  • Interruptions during file transfer: An interruptions like the removal of the external storage drive accidentally whilst Word file transfer is in progress would lead to corruption scenarios. Also ejecting the drives without using the Safely remove the hardware option can also lead damages to the Word documents.

The other reasons like restoring system settings, defragmentation failure, sharing Word 2010 file over a network, etc. may also cause corruption with the MS Word 2010 files. No matter how your Word 2010 document gets damaged, you can easily repair corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 document on Windows using the Word File Repair software.

Features of the Word File Repair Tool:

Word File Repair Tool is capable to repair corrupted Word .docx file or .doc file created on all the latest versions of Microsoft Office Word applications which include Microsoft Office Word 2000, Office Word 2000, 2003, 207, 2007 and 2016. This is a read-only software and it does not alter the contents of your Word 2010 documents. After fixing the corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 file on Windows, this tool allows you to preview all the repaired document. One of the most prominent features of this tool is that it can even repair encrypted Word documents and password protected doc files with utmost ease. Furthermore, this utility is compatible to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc. Upon completion of the fixing process, the program allows you to save the repaired Word 2010 documents to any of your desired locations.


Steps to Fix Corrupted Word 2010 File on Windows

Step 1: Run the Word File Repair Tools application on your Windows computer. Then, you have to "Browse" the corrupted Word 2010 document and click on the "Repair" button as shown in the main screen.

Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Document on Windows - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: When the repair process will be completed, you can preview the repaired corrupt Word 2010 file by clicking the "Preview File" option.

Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Document on Windows - Preview Repaired File

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: The repaired Word 2010 files can be then previewed and saved to a suitable storage destination

Repair Corrupted Microsoft Word 2010 Document on Windows - Save Repaired Word 2010 File

Fig 3: Save Repaired Word 2010 File

Things to Remember:

1. Never abruptly shut down your system when your Word 2010 file is opened. Use a power backup utility UPS in order to avoid sudden system shutdown due to a power failure.

2. As a safety measure, it is always better to have a legitimate backup of all your important Word documents on some data storage devices like DVD, pen drive, external hard drive, memory card etc.