Fix Microsoft Word File Associations

  • A standard tool to repair errors with MS Word file associations
  • Easily fixes errors and corruptions occurred with the Word documents
  • Suitable to work with DOC and DOCX file formats
  • Compatible with all editions of MS Office Word program
  • The software repairs the file and then avails it for a preview

Problems with Word file associations!

In Windows computers, the user can associate set of files to a particular application which will open those files. By associating files to a relevant program, you can efficiently open those files in their supported format. For example, if you try to launch a presentation with any media player definitely it will throw an error and you will be asked to choose relevant program to open presentations. In the same way, if you want to launch Word documents, you will need to install the MS Office suite which has MS Office Word application to launch Word files. When installing this application, all Word documents will automatically get associated with the MS Word. Similarly, presentation files will be recognized by MS Office PowerPoint. In short, all files which can be opened by MS Office Suite will get associated with the application.

Mistakenly, many users try to open Word file associations with other incompatible programs as result these files get corrupted. In such condition, users need to fix Microsoft Word file associations to make them readable again. Word File Repair Tool is a recommended application that offers an easy solution to fix corrupt Word documents.

Windows system maintains a database that is referred as Registry to contain the record of all applications which are installed and their associated file types. This information is used by OS to open a file with the related application. When users try to open the Word file association with the incompatible application, you may receive the error with the change in file icon. The file will not open and you will get the error, “File doesn’t have a program associated with it for performing an action. Create an association in the Folder Options using control panel.” .Such error comes when the Word file association is incorrect and then you need to fix Microsoft Word file associations. By following a right approach, the user can easily repair Microsoft Word files and retrieve information contained with the file.

Generally, when the association between the Word file and related application is misplaced, users experience such issues and encounter errors. Sometimes this unexpected situation occurs while Microsoft KB2845537 and KB2589275 updates are being downloaded and Office tries to open associations. Sometimes, it could happen because of the virus attack on the documents. Similarly, when MS Office gets crashed, word file association will not open and ask the user to fix Microsoft Word file associations. You can refer this URL to get complete assistance to repair documents that are not opening.

Easily repair issues the MS Word file association

Word File Repair tool is empowered with smart scanning technology to repair Word documents which are inaccessible, damaged, corrupted because of several unknown and known reasons. With this app, the user can fix Microsoft Word file associations which available on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and other previous versions of Windows computers. Additionally, this software can be utilized to repair Word documents which are not opening due to the damaged header, macro virus attack, MS Office crash and other threats. Visit at and know the safest way to repair DOCX files.

Note: Make use of the Word File Repair Tool to repair unresponsive Word document file compatible with the latest versions of MS Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc. with great ease. For more information, click here

How to Fix Microsoft Word File Associations?

Step 1: Install the Word File Repair application on your computer and run it, you will see the main window as shown in figure a.

Fix Microsoft Word File Associations - Main Screen

Figure a: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the location of the Word file that got issues with the Word file associations and makes a click on the Repair icon to start the file repair operation as shown in figure b.

Fix Microsoft Word File Associations - Select File

Figure b: Select File

Step 3: After the file is been repaired, you can save the Word file associations to any of your desired locations as shown in figure c.

Fix Microsoft Word File Associations - Save Fixed Word File

Figure c: Save Fixed Word File