How to Repair Corrupt Word Document 2016? Download Word File Repair Tool!!!

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“I was stuck with my documentation, as my MS Word file 2016 is not responding at all. I tried almost all the tricks I knew so as to make it accessible but all are in vain. Unfortunately, I have not kept the backup of those files. Now I don’t know how to repair Word document 2016 on my Windows system?”

Most of the users encounter with the same problem with Word document 2016 which refuse to open when it gets damaged or corrupted. There are some unknown or known reasons behind the corruption of the Word document 2016 file.  In such situation, you can opt the Word File Repair Software which is capable of repairing Word document 2016 with utmost ease.  Demo version of this software is available for free of cost, just download the program and try it.

How Word 2016 document get corrupt/damaged?

  • Incorrect firewall work
  • A false-positive mistake by antivirus software
  • Virus infection
  • Due to user error
  • Power failure
  • Hardware failure
  • Incorrect work third-party software
  • Software crash
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Inappropriate termination of MS Word 2016 application
  • Interruption while downloading or transferring Word document file
  • Software malfunction
  • Abrupt system shutdown while DOCX file is in use
  • Human Errors
  • Changing the file extension
  • File system corruption
  • Bad sectors on the hard drive containing your Word files
  • Word file header corruption
  • Improperly upgrading Word application
  • Incomplete download of Word file
  • Changing word file format unnecessarily
  • CRC error may corrupt Word document shared over the network
  • Compressing any Word document created on Word 2016 using any unsafe compression tool
  • Downloading Word files when the internet connection is very slow
  • The existing Word files can get corrupt due to OS re-installation

You might encounter corruption issues with the MS Word files due to any of the above-mentioned reasons. Under such situations, any attempt made to open the Word document, you would rather get to see an error message. Some of the generally reported errors include the following-

  • The Office Suite opens XML file filename.docx can’t be opened
  • Word was unable to read the document. It may be corrupt
  • Word can’t open the document: user doesn’t have access privileges
  • The file is corrupt and cannot be opened
  • The document name or path is not valid

Well, there are certain troubleshooting techniques to deal with Word file errors. There is nothing wrong in implementing any of the fix techniques to restore the corrupt Word document. The following is the list of some tricks to repair your corrupted Word document:

  1. Open and repair feature by the Microsoft
  2. Recover text from any file” Word converter
  3. Inserting the corrupt Word document 2016 into a new one
  4. Opening the Word document 2016 in other application

If any of the above processes helps you out well then, it is fine. If not, then don’t get worried as you can opt third-party software like the Word File Repair Tool which is capable of repairing corrupted or damaged Word 2016 document file with ease.

Fix Word 2016 Document using Word File Repair Tool

This software can repair Word document 2016 that are corrupted or damaged due to various reasons on Windows-based operating system. It is capable to repair damaged or corrupted Word files with .docx and .doc extensions. A demo version of the tool lets you view the repaired Word document 2016 file. Another point to be noted here is that the tool doesn’t modify any data in the corrupted source Word document 2016 file. It is inbuilt with an ability to scan and fix all major or minor attributes such as tables, charts, texts, images, etc. Also, the software ensures the repairing of Word 2013, 2016, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 etc. files. The app allows you to repair 2016 Word document saved on various storage devices such as SSD, USB drive, flash drive, memory card, etc. Furthermore, this software is compatible to repair DOC and DOCX file even if they are encrypted, oversized, and compressed format in just a few easy and automated steps.

Steps to Repair Corrupt Word 2016 Document:

Step 1: Download and install Word File Repair Tool on your computer and open it. Then, you have to "Browse" the corrupt Word 2016 document and click on the "Repair" button.

How To Repair Word Document 2016 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: When the repairing process is over, you can preview the repaired corrupt Word 2016 file by clicking on the "Preview File" option.

Repairing Word Document 2016- Preview Repaired File

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: You can save the repaired Word 2016 file in a particular location

Repair MS Word Document 2016 - Save Repaired Word 2010 File

Fig 3: Save Repaired Word 2016 File