Word File Repair Tool -Fix Corrupted or Damaged Word Document

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Have your important Word document refused to open?

Microsoft Office Word is the most popular document processing application used by most computer users to create and edit different types of textual documents. Even though MS Word has a wide range of advantages, it is quite often that most of the Word users  encounter corruption in their important doc or docx file. Despite being the safe and secure document editor, there are times when the doc or docx file refuses to open. This might happen most of the times due to corruption of document. Once the Word file gets corrupted, hours of your hard work will go wasted. What will you do in such critical situations? Will you allow your important data to go away? If you try to open that corrupt document, it will simply pop up with an error message. In such situation, no need to be anxious. As Word File Repair Tool will always help you to perform Word corrupt file repair at your fingertips.

Before getting into corrupt Word file repair procedure, it's better to know how the Doc/Docx file gets corrupt. It may also help you to avoid Word file corruption in future. Some of the most common causes of MS Word document corruption are as listed below.

  • Sometimes while restoring system settings, if your document is opened then chances of file corruption is more. If the corrupted Word file contains any of your important information then severe data loss is definite.
  • Sometimes while scanning the computer for viruses by antivirus software, if your important Word file is infected then the Word file may get corrupt result in critical data loss.
  • Sometimes when the Word file is open, if the computer shuts down abruptly then the chances of Word file getting corrupt are pretty more. If the corrupted document has your important data then critical data loss crisis will occur.
  • Apart from the above factors, some other reasons like fluctuation in power supply,  virus infection, defragmentation failure, sharing the Doc/Docx file over a network can both damage or corrupt the document.

In order to overcome the Word file corruption in any of the circumstance, its better to take some preventive measure all the time whenever you are working on the computer. It may also assist you to avoid the Word file corruption issue in future. Take a legitimate backup of all your important Word files and make sure that you turned off the computer after properly closing the MS Word application.

Unique Features of Word File Repair Tool

The following are the few simple steps to repair corrupt Word document

Step 1: First download Word File Repair Tool and then install it on your system. Then open its main window as shown in figure 1.

Word File Repair Tool - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the Word file by clicking on browse option. Then click on the repair option to initiate the Word file repair process as shown in figure 2.

Word File Repair Tool - Select Word File

Figure 2: Select Word File

Step 3: You can also see the progress of Word file repair process. In case if you want to cancel the repair process then click on the cancel option as shown in figure 3.

Word File Repair Tool - Word File Repair Progress

Figure 3: Word File Repair Progress

Step 4: Finally, you will get to see a window showing the Word file is repaired successfully as shown in figure 4.

Word File Repair Tool - Word File Repaired Successfully

Figure 4: Word File Repaired Successfully